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Aqtaba Al Saada, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, after nearly two decades of opening its first establishment and gaining popularity amongst the locals and visitors to this holy country, and after having moved its original collateral Abu Laban to Riyadh from Jeddah, the management found it mandatory to continue to serve its client base in Jeddah as it was inconvenient for a few of their close associates to source other suppliers for the kind of quality goods resold through the company.

Finally after 2 years of shifting their establishment to Riyadh the management opened a factory showroom to produce for its valued customers indigenously manufactured products like Mattresses; sponge and spring, pillows, quilts, and various types of polyester fibre. Employing more than 50 people who are well experienced in production of handmade and machine made products, currently the factory has achieved a successful name in Jeddah and all over the country.

The had started as a humble manufacturing unit to satisfy its permanent customers had along with time earned a good reputation for itself; Aqtaba Al Saada has become a remarkable production unit manufacturing goods to its maximum capacities to fulfill pending orders for customers from the region.

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