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From the year 2000 the group had started its diversified operations in Electronics and Electrical home appliances. Trading with lots of Asian countries and China being a major supplier of economically priced goods for consumer benefits, Bend Gernal started operations in China in the year 2005. The main aim to start operations from the source of products was to ensure quality checks, fulfillment of exact packaging requirements, and dispatch to pre-determined destinations. As per the customer oriented policies of Hamed Group and following the time tested business attitude of their founder, the current management always felt it was their responsibility as suppliers to make sure the correct amount, ways, means and methodology was applied in all possible areas for correct, timed, and safe deliveries for their bulk customers who had deadlines to meet their commitments and to prevent loss of business.

What started as a complimentary unit of the group became actively involved as a quality control service provider to lots of purchasers of the groups products and the China branch got appreciation for aspiring business houses around the world as a reliable agency to ensure quality control, packaging, and delivery through various different service units of the group and their partners in compliment with the Logistics and Transport divisions located around the globe. Currently  Trading, China is the local purchaser and dispatcher of the groups various divisions worldwide which fulfills requirements of Chinese electronics, handicrafts, furniture, construction materials, household appliances and consumer products.

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