ABU LABAN TRADING, RIYADH, KINGDOM OF SAUDI ARABIA Formerly known as Hajji Hamed Ltd. originally located in Jeddah, commenced business in 1973 by the late Hajji Hamed formed on a small scale as a branch of his establishment for selling products like handmade carpets, handicrafts, furnishings eventually adding Hajj related products like caps, prayer rugs, etc in 1975. Subsequently with the growth in terms of business and trade, this establishment was shifted to Riyadh in 2001 by the scions of the family to enable smooth operations. It was hence re-named as Abu Laban Trading. This establishment was formed to better serve the ever-growing clientele of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the millions of pilgrims who visited this Holy and revered Kingdom furthermore it also served the purpose of availing their products to the customers of the surrounding Pan Arab countries. This was a milestone achievement for the family, as in the early 70’s communication and transportation channels were underdeveloped and the pace was very slow in comparison yet they accomplished these challenges and worked feverishly to serve their valued customers. Presently Abu Laban Trading, are supplying Spring mattresses and Medicated Mattresses, with pillows, bed sheets, blankets and towels manufactured locally in their factory in Jeddah as well as imported from China.

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