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We started a separate wing for certain house hold items that is highly necessary and keeping in view the export oriented activities of Hamed group. The group has a variety of items such as Ariston Water heaters, Microwave ovens, Bicycles, Bed sheets, Handmade Carpets, Prayer Rugs and Threads.


Each unit of item is produced by the state of the art technology looking forward for the durability, Quality and pricing of each item. Handmade Carpets are produced in such passion that each unique carpet seems to have a life, struggle and story of its own. We have the hardworking people, who are the masters of hand woven carpets which are genuine, charming  and usually phenomenally inexpensive.


The water heater range is brand named as Ariston and is made from the best thermal insulation materials there by using the lowest possible energy for heating the water and also for storing it for long time. The water heater is available in different sizes so as to suit the need of a house, hospital or factory.


The group has a wide range of quality Microwave ovens in its store. The Microwave ovens are passes microwave radiation through food, causing dielectric heating primarily by absorption of the energy in water. Nuclear families and small living spaces made microwave oven very popular even from the 1970s. Microwave ovens have now become common kitchen appliance following development of inexpensive cavity magnetrons, which are used in our Microwave ovens.


We produce quality bed sheets and prayer rugs using the most modern technology in the manufacturing of textile items. The careful selection of raw materials and the colour used makes each produce a piece of art in itself.Our prayer rugs are highly in demanded with Container movements.The bed sheets are durable cozy and priced such that each person can afford it and our textiles items are high in demand in European countries.


We gave importance to the idea of women folk in the family and from our customers to start production unit for Embroidery threads.  It is an exclusive art and handicraft of decorating fabric or other materials with needle and thread or yarn. Our threads can be incorporated with other materials such as metal strips, pearls, beads, quills, and sequins. Embroidery threads are used and often recommended for caps, hats, coats, blankets, dress shirts, denim, stockings, and golf shirts. We have given importance for the strength and colour and use the most modern facility for the creation of threads. These threads are very lowly priced as it is raw material for thousands of small scale embroidery units all over the world.


House is a home when there are children and keeping mind the need of children, we introduced a variety of Bicycles. Well balanced and high in quality, comes in trendy colours and sizes for both boys and girls of all age and height.  Shows and teaches us how balanced we must be in life and to face the challenges of it. Using the best available materials and durable items, for that remembering ride or adventure in life!  Yes, the bicycle now a day is only the best and convenient Vehicle for moving those muscles which don’t budge in this modern life. 


All our products are quality checked at each level of manufacturing process. We in Hamed group is well aware that quality in business and manufacturing process has a pragmatic interpretation as the non-inferiority or superiority of something; fitness for purpose. We know that the Consumers focus on the specification, quality of a product and how it compares to competitors in the marketplace. As Producers we are keen in keeping the conformance quality and the degree to which the product was produced correctly. So that we get quality products which are reliable, maintainable, and sustainable and gives value for money.


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